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We and another couple booked Indus travels " Majestic India and Nepal" tour. Even before we left we had an issue getting our India visa with the web site our travel agent gave us.

It would not take a copy of our passport as a jpeg. After much frustration the travel agent said she would convert them to PDF for us. However, the site would not take them even in PDF. After much time and frustration we went to a commercial web site who took our JPEG's and we had our Visas in 3 days!

our travel agent at Indus also told us we did not have to be concerned about the 33 pound luggage allowance because we were not having any internal flights. Wrong! We did have an internal India flight had had to pay the overage for our overweight luggage. ( How many people could go on 15 tour and only check a 33 pound suitcase!) We also were not told the name of the two different tour companies who would be providing our tours in India and Nepal so we did not recognize them when they arrived.

The first our company provided a 30 plus bus for the group of 10 and the bus had no shocks so the day was very uncomfortable. After e-mailing Indus the first evening the tour company did provide a somewhat better bus the second day. We were to have a 5 hour drive from Delhi to Kathmandu. our flight from Delhi was delayed by several hours so we did not arrive in Kathmandu until 10:30PM and we were met by an unnamed second tour provider with a well worn van that had two seats on one side and one on the other with a 3 seat bench in the rear so some couples could not sit together.

Because the road from Kathmandu to Chitwan had not been totally repaired from the earthquake and was under construction, that drive took over 7 and a half hours of rocky, winding road on which we tossed around even with seatbelts on and large trucks passing on narrow road within 2-3 in he said of our van. We truly feared for our lives. ( and only one restroom ( if you could call them that) in that 7 and a half hours. we all refused to make that drive on that road in the days for our flight from Delhi back to the USA.

Our guide told us we could fly for $ 118 pp and all 8 of us had him book tickets for us and we, including the guide, flew back to Delhi. We requested that Indus reimburse us for the cost of that flight since they should have been aware that the road was dangerous and we feared for our safety. INdus refused our request.

We e-mailed Indus again, after returning home about getting reimbursed and they did not even reply to our e-mail. We will never use Indus Travels again (and we travel a lot) and would suggest that you do not either.

Review about: Indus Travels Majestic India And Nepal Tour.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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No we have not heard anything from Indus travel regarding this situation.

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